Feast of St Joseph

In this page you'll find videos, drawings and other activities to help u to get to know more dear Joseph and become his friends.

A play about the life of St Joseph (10 years-12 years)

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Be Family

Joseph’s Lullaby

Sleep now, little one.

I’ll watch while you and your mother sleep.

I wish I could do more.

This straw is not good enough for you.

Back in Nazareth I’ll make a proper bed for you

of seasoned wood, smooth, strong, well-pegged.

A bed fit for a carpenter’s son.

Just waith till we get back to Nazareth.

I’ll teach you everything I know.

You’ll learn to choose the cedar wood, eucaylyptus and fir.

You’ll learn to use the drawshave, ax and saw.

Your arms will grow strong, your hands rough – like these.

You will bear the pungent smell of new wood

and wear shavings and sawdust in your hair.

You’ll be a man whose life centers

on hammer and nails and wood.

But for now,

Sleep, little Jesus, sleep.

Author: Ronald Allan KlugRead more here

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