Eighteenth Sunday of Ordinary time

It-Tmintax-il Ħadd matul is-Sena

☀️ For children from 4 to 7 years old☀️

1. Stop from what you are doing and calm down. In some quiet time, watch this video.

1. Oqgħod ftit fil-kwiet u ara dawn il-vidjo.


In today’s Gospel we are going to hear about a great miracle. What is a miracle? Miracles are not magic. People who know how to do magic know exactly how to perform the trick and even know how other magicians perform their tricks. But not even the most intelligent person can explain how a miracle happens.

2. Enjoy doing this activity.

2. Ħu gost agħmel din l-attività

We will learn that

§ God wants us to share

We need

§ A printout of the page below, one for each boy and girl in the family

§ Colours

§ A small gift

§ A picture of a big crowd of people (it is difficult for children of this age to image what 5,000 men, excluding women and children looks like, the picture will show them that this is indeed a huge number)


We ask:

· What was the gospel about?

· Where there a lot of people? (we show them the picture of the crowd)

Jesus wanted to feed all these people. But he had no food, so he asked if anyone could share any of the food he had.

We ask (after the children give their replies, the adults can answer the questions too):

· Did someone ever share something with you?

· How did it feel?

· Did you ever share something with someone?

· How did it feel?

· Is it always easy to share? Why?

Jesus asked the apostles to share the five loaves and two fishes with all those people. How did the apostles feel?

When the apostles were ready to share the food, Jesus was pleased with them for not wanting to keep the food for themselves, then something great happened, because everyone ate as much as he wanted!

Jesus wants us to share with others. Sometimes we share our food or sweets, other times we share our time, when for example we help in the house or play with our brothers or sisters, even if we do not feel like. During this week, with the help of our parents, we will think of how we can share with others. Every time that we share, our parents will give us a picture of bread or fish. If we are very good, we’ll collect five loaves and two fishes. Let’s see who will collect them first!

A note to parents: cut out the pictures of the loaves and fishes. Every picture has something the children may do, you may change these if you want. When they collect the five loaves and two fishes, give them the small gift. They may colour the loaves and fish.

Let us remember that it is not easy for the children to share, so it is important to praise them for their good deeds. Also it would help them to know about the times when we share. We do not tell them about our good deeds to be boastful, but rather for them to learn.

3. Let's speak with Jesus and if you want, share your prayer.

3. Ħa nitkellmu ma' Ġesù u jekk tixtieq, aqsam it-talba tiegħek magħna.

Sign of the cross

We listen to Loaves and Fishes

Jesus, you know that it is not always easy for us to share with others. Help us to love others and be able to share with them, the things we have.

As in previous weeks, the Prayer Space below helps us to better understand the Gospel message.

Are you enjoying doing crafts and drawings? Do you wish to share them with us? Take a picture and send them by email or message

Qed tieħu gost b'dawn il-krafts u tpinġijiet? Tixtieq taqsamhom magħna? Ħu ritratt u ibgħathom b'email jew b'messaġġ

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