Fifteenth Sunday of Ordinary time

Il-Ħmistax-il Ħadd matul is-Sena

☀️For children from 8 to 11 years old to enjoy learning and pray.☀️

1. Stop from what you are doing and calm down. In some quiet time, watch this video.

1. Oqgħod ftit fil-kwiet u ara dawn il-vidjo.

2. Enjoy doing this activity.

2. Ħu gost agħmel din l-attività

Today we will be listening to one of Jesus’ parables, it is about a sower. Jesus used to tell a lot of parables so that his teachings were understood.

We need

§ A printout of the pages below, glued to cardboard paper. The four descriptions on the second page cut individually, we also cut out of the seeds

§ Colours

§ Stick the seeds to a paper clip

We will learn that

§ We have to be ready to accept the Word of God

§ When we do not understand, we need to ask someone for an explanation

§ Jesus would like us to share this Word with others


We ask:

What do you think Jesus is saying in this parable? We allow enough time for the children to speak.

Jesus used this parable to teach. The seeds are the Word of God. Our heart is like the soil and land where the seeds will fall.

Let us see why this comparison is being made.

The seeds which fell on the path: When we are distracted, when we are listening to the Word of God, we are like the barren path upon which these seeds have fallen. When during our catechetical meetings or mass, our minds are wondering and we are not being attentive to what is being said, we become like this path upon which the seeds cannot grow.

The seeds which fell on the rocks: Although we pay attention during our meetings and even during mass, we find it difficult to obey God. The seeds found some soil, they started to grow, but the heat was excessive and so they died. Similarly, we hear what God wants us to do, but we soon forget his message when faced with difficulties.

The seeds which fell on thorny ground: We know and accept the Word of God, however other things take priority in our life be they school, friends, games, family and other activities which often leave no time for God. The seeds found enough soil to grow, but the thorns proved to be stronger. The thorns in our life are those activities which fill up our day and leave no time for us to pray, to read the Bible, to go to Church or catechetical meetings.

The seeds which fell on rich soil: We are like this fertile ground when we listen to God’s Word and do our best to obey. There will be times when we fail, but pleasing God is important for us, so we do not give up, we try again.

When the apostles heard this parable they did not understand it immediately. Similarly we do not always understand the Bible. To whom do we turn for an explanation?

After listening to this parable, how can we describe our hearts? When the seeds fall, what type of land will they find?

We can now colour the picture below. On the second page there are descriptions of possible behaviours. Match these with the different types of land mentioned in the parable. It would be great if we are always like the good soil, however we know that at times we can be like the path, the rocks or the thorny ground. Leave this picture in your room, somewhere where you can see it and every week review how you have behaved, see which type of land you were and put the seeds there. If you have not been good soil, try to become better during the coming week.


Sign of the cross.

Lord God, help us to be more like that good soil, so that the seed may fall and bear fruit, and we can grow and become more like you wish us to be.

3. Let's speak with Jesus and if you want, share your prayer.

3. Ħa nitkellmu ma' Ġesù u jekk tixtieq, aqsam it-talba tiegħek magħna.

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